What do you see?

A number of combined pictures.
At first, have a global look and determine what you see. Secondly, try to see/discover the details.

Bottom or top? Front or back?.

Feather or pageon?.

Global: old man and wife; detail: two gitar playing men.

Global: old man with artistic moustache and hair; detail: two (!) knights riding horses with windmill in background.
Other detail: do you see the many faces in the background??? Approximately 15 faces to discover!!!

Global: nice picture of nature; detail: 7 times heart visible...

Classic: what do you see? Young or old lady (both are in the picture!)

Also classic: duck or rabbit?

Global: old man pictured as a general; details: 9 persons to be discovered!

Global: anatomic face; details: 25 different animals!

A classic example. Global: skull; detail: two men around a table.

Variation of the previous picture. Global: skull; detail: man and wife.

Global: face of Jezus; detail: his crusifying.
Also notice other details: the wounds are also crusifyings etc.

One or more deer?

Global: a beautiful tiger. But where is the hidden tiger?
Detail: have a close watch at the stripes on the tiger. It reads "the hidden tiger".

Waterfall of monks.

Houses or audience?

Bridge or ships?

How many horses do you see?