Complex (impossible?) materials !

Just some (very) complex pictures from my collection...
Don't blame me if it produces a headache!!!

Computerworms! Can't you stop them?

Pinwheel illusion (see directions for usage below)

Step 1: move your mouse above the picture.
Step 2: click right-mouse button and select "save target as...".
Step 3: save the executable to your harddisk.
Step 4: find the application with windows explorer and double-click it.
Step 5: watch the center dot for 30 seconds.
Step 6: watch your hand at the mouse (don't move your hand).

(It is also possible to use instead of steps 2/3 "open link" and "execute" and "ok").

Outside of two walls or the inside of two walls?

Little bit strange table?

Wich is longer: AB or AC? (Ofcourse, equal length)!

The purple lines form a perfect square:

What do you see: a hollow cube with blue background or full cube with blue front?

Follow these instructions step by step...
1. Relaxx and watch for 20 seconds to the small dots in the middle.
2. Look at the wall beside you and blink your eyes.
3. Who or what do you see?

Another one...

Move your head to and from the screen and watch the inner point. What happens to the circles?

Look exactly to the BLACK spots.

Are these circles turning or not???

What is happening to these dead beans? They keep on dancing!!!

Just scroll up and down while looking at the picture below. Wauw!

Move your head to and from the screen and watch the picture...

Are these horizontal lines parallel or do they slope?

Moving or still picture?

Circles are closing in?

Flowers are standing still or turning?

Flowers are growing?

Again non-stop turning disks?